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Choreogrephy: Sahar Azimi


Music: Original music Didi Erez 


Let me be your Teddy bear – Elvis Presley


Charles in the park, three days - Josephine foster


The hokey pokey - Yo la Tengo


Light designer and Amplification: Dani Fishof – Magenta


Show & Rehearsals director: Melanie Barson


Dancers: Dana Zecharia, Coralie Ladame, Elad Shechter, Liron Ozeri, 


Naomi Nisim, Sadira Smith, Sofi Krantz & Sahar Azimi.




The superficiality that occurs out of the common denominator


The need to be understood by everyone


The code or format that forms the simple idea in well wrapped covers 


The sacredness of awkward as the new form of uniqueness...


The fatigued spirit looking from behind the covers


And the exceptional code that leaves some room to freedom of spirit


Or when we copy the code we allready give it our own interpretation 


and sometimes we can even win the code......?!


in our "show" we present the tasks of the code


and watch the dancers cope with learning and keeping the code.



The piece was premiered first at ZKM Theater, by ZPA Dance 


company In Zagreb, Croatia on September 2009. ZPA Dance Co. Are 


preforming with this piece all around Europe. Sahar Azimi broght 


the codes to his Israeli dancers, they put them selfes in the codes 


and perform them in there own way. UTF8 of Sahar Azimi Dance 


Company Israel premiered on January 2010.



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