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Mixed Media | Dynamic Lab

9-12 | 2 | 22

These two artists to whom textures are a central part of their work - one working with ceramics, the other with concrete - are leaving the privacy of their studios for a shared pubic space in order to examine a common creative process - a dialogue of molds and castings. The products of this encounter, both shared and individual, will accumulate during their site-specific residency and be dynamically exhibited - an action in the making.
This artistic creation is a performative art-lab of two plastic artists invited by Sahar Azimi, the curator of "Be-Ahava" - a cooperative space for creative process located in Kdumim Square in Old Jaffa.

 by: Efrat Eyal

 by: Sharon Pazner

עבודתה של אפרת אייל שקוף_edited.png
עבודתה של שרון פזנר שקוף_edited.png
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