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Protective - Fresh Paint



Protective Edge in "Fresh paint" fair

Members of the Protective Edge Group,curator Revital Ben Asher Peretz, the video artist Yoav Cohen, the choreographer and the dancer Sahar Azimi and the artist Michal Shamir Shamir Continue the line of operation, which began the exhibition and performance at the "Chellouche" gallery.

This time the group was operating a portable sales stand and wandered at the "Fresh paint" fair as non-wanted parecites. They offered the audience, on a tray of silver the  Arab builder caughed/arrested, cast in concrete.

The burdensome of the paperweight, a toy for c.e.o's, the symbol of the individual's oppression in modern society. the salesman tried to push it into the collectors of art hands, using various sales tactics, which were exposed in real time.

The performance offers a subversive wink relating to political in the broad sense, in economic mechanisms and art. They walked on a thin line that stretched between realisem fake, seriousness to humor.


Photos: Ella Orgad


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