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Roni Amitai is an interdisciplinary artist engaged in movement and sound.
A rising figure in the Electronic Music field scene in Israel, published two EP albums that have been very successful. Alongside this, composing music  for stage works, teaching dance and developing  movement.
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At her residency at Beahava Roni chose to invite Tal Amitai (brother) as a co-musician and mor Jessica Mizrahi as a co-dancer to take part in a short research exploring the "vibe" or frequency of what they presented as "Red submarine", a 50 min performance act. 
They created  a zone of music and movement that nurished the idea of tranquility using consistant sounds and movement scores. Their action was somewhat a ceremonial trio that transcended the window standing between them and the audiance. The red color that was chosen to be the only color effected the intimacy both on them and the audiuance was represented in the space by lighting and by a video created by Sahar Azimi using reflrctions of red light oon dark water.


Excerpt of Sahar Azimi's video art

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