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Open studio


ANNA was invited for a two weeks residency at “BeAhava”.

At that time she moved her studio temporarily to the Old city of Jaffa, Kdumim Square. In less than an hour the space became an Atelier and a shop for her designs. During this time Anna met her clients for the first time and was able to see all of her designs on different types of bodies. At the same time she refined the designs on her clients bodies and developed new designs.   The fact she had to talk of her work in front of clients and groups of visitors made her understand more of where she wants to develop her designs. Having the opportunity of an open studio\shop manifested her personal goals as a designer has turned her dreams to reality that made her plan and manifest these dreams of her own space in the near future.


About ANNA

Dancer, choreographer, Pilates teacher, interior designer, mother of two children.

Anna  began her artistic career as a dancer with the choreographer Ohad Naharin when she was 18 and influenced almost as a muse his first works he created in Bat Sheva, identified with the works "Wall", "Anaphase", "Flood" and more.

 As an independent dancer, Anna danced with the creators Emmanuel Gat, Herve Rob (France), the Shell Theater, Na'a Der and more.

 her journey in the dance continued as a rehearsal director, producer and choreographer. Anna created her personal works at festivals such as “Curtain up”,” Intimedance” and morea. Anna designed and created all of the costumes for her own works and other choreographers.

In 1995, Anna traveled to meet the master of the Japanese Bhutto dance - the legendary Kazu Ono. There she made two months with the Master and his students and deepened her occupation with the sublime, an experience that left her with a great impression, an impression that is evident to this day.

Anna Studied at the Interior Design Department at the College of Management . There she began to formulate her unique style which had already evolved into the costume designs she made for the works and works of others.

In recent years, Anna has devoted herself to Fashion- designing and sewing clothes. In 2019 , Anna moved her studio toi Kibbutz Beit Alfa, a move that allowed her to focus and devote herself to her work. There she created the models on display today as part of an entire collection.

Anna's models clearly show her research of the body, the way they integrate with space, in their design and the spiritual concept.

 The colors, textures and cutouts are influenced by the natural colors and their organic sense is evident in both the look and the way they feel.

Anna is responsible for the whole process of making the garment, choosing the fabric, shear, sewing and style. A fact that makes any garment unique and complete.


Sahar's insights

As the curator of this action I could see the ways ANNA was expending her identity as a designer. This movement from  being a dance artist to a fashion designer is like changing a skin. One could see the substantial core of her personality forming in a morer complexed and layered way. Its interesting to see this process of gaining new and different identities of an artist. In its basic concept an artist is able to transcend the rules of the real world and hover above them in the realms of the  spiritual and creativity, bur these rules are hard to apply when earthly issues ask to be solved. How to price? How to brand?  how to make the passion into a product? Is a process like that makes ones art into craft? Where is the line that separates them?

ANNA's residency took place between 4 to 15 of January 2022. These days her new studio is at her home in south of  Tel Aviv. For more detailes you can reach Anna through her Email:


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