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About Sahar


Started his professional way as a dancer in 1994 and since danced in number of dance groups including the Bat Sheva Ensemble, Inbal dance theater, Barak Marshall group,’Clipa and more. Worked with the choreographers Emanuel Gat, Anat Danieli, Javier De Frutos, Ronit Ziv and others. Azimi won a number of prizes including the israeli minister of culture prize for young choreographers .

Azimi directed the festival of the Dance in the “Interdisciplinary Arena” in Jerusalem from 2013 to 2018. Co-director of the “Curtain up” Festival 2010/11. Also directed ensemble of the High Academy of Academy of Dance in Jerusalem and was an artistic advisor to the “Inbal” dance theater.

Since 2000, Azimi has created many works presented in Israel and all around the world. 

Supported by the Dance Department- the Ministry of Culture since 2006, member of the Choreographers association  since 2002.

Participated in “The voice” Israel - 2 season as a singer. Created Music for dance works (Midi).

Was teaching in  many schools since 1997, Jerusalem academy for music and dance, Hakibuzim seminar, University of Illinois (Shusterman Fund program).

Accompanied choreographers and theater directors and an artistic advisor and dramaturg, among them Uri Shapir, Avi Gibson Bar, Olivia Kurt Masse’ Rabia Huri and more.

A singer, creates music for stage works. 

A member of the “Protective Edge” Group who operated between the years 2017-2021 as the "Chellouche Gallery” in Tel Aviv.

Catching movement on phone cameras . Photography in water. Reflections. Video and Stills. Member of the Digital Gallery: Anew Gallery

The former confection loving everything a little sweeter, a vegan cook.



Dance | Choreography | Artistic directing | Vocals | Dramaturgy | Photography | Food. 

Photo: Yanai Yechiel

photo: Yanai Yechiel 2014.

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