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poly monopoly logoi

A multidisciplinary duet checking the different rolls of the individual in the modern form of romantic relationships. The man and women are going through different performing disciplines and moving between the masculine and feminine, braking the conventional rolls of the body and time.


Interpretators: Oryan Yohanan and Sahar Azimi



“You are my girlfriend

You've got the head of a girl

And you are a girl girl

Like that sweet boy

Said to me in appreciation

You are a guy girl

Or otherwise a girl guy”


Yonna Wallach, "you are my girlfriend" Mofa, Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1985



Light and stage design: Dani Fishof

Music: Didi Erez by Timber Timbre

Costumes: Anna Mirkin

Props and dolls design: Oryan Yohanan

Graphic design: K&G



"The highest value of the piece is its ability to explore the hidden concept in all the layers of a romantic relationship " Zvi Goren, Habama




photo: Gadi Dagon 2014.


Oryan Yohanan and Sahar Azimi
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