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It is not a wedding

By Sahar Azimi

 with Ann Hirsh

A new performance at Beahava as a part of the research of "display performances"  Window | Between us.

a program challenging the specifics of this special relations between performer and audiance with a window separating them.

turning blue

Next performances:

19 - 23 / 4 

Tusedeay to Saturday


Bit for contributions:

Art dnd scenography: Sahar and Ann


Blue Velvet - Tony Bennet

Please Mr.Postmen - The Marvelettes

Am I Blue - Ray Charles

The first time i ever saw your face - Roberta Flack 

Careless Whisper - Geaorge Michael

Wicked Game - Chris Issak

Mr. Lonely - Bobby vinton

Dont you go away - Yossi Banai

Beahava is blue
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