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About Sahar's photography

I choose to work with phone cameras, lately moved to iphone 12 pro. All the photos are as they were taken, one click with no editing or filtering.

The artistic language and aesthetics of my art always explores movement, whether it is physical in space with body Intimacy, or two-dimensional in its result.

The new body of work is based on the investigation of the field of photography started when i lived on a boat in the Jaffa port. The camera is a tool for creating two-dimensional dance of nature. The sea that is in constant motion - gives birth to a new technique of digital painting that has a heart and a pulse,  like sitting in the front row of a dance performance that water are its choreographer.

My photographic works continue his preoccupation with the endless movement that takes place around us and the focus on details that usually go unnoticed. Most of the photos reveal a hidden occurrence of a world emerging in reflections on water, between skies to ground, a layer that has no tangible physical volume that manages to translate reality in the abstract and fantastic. Free on a kayak in the water, ducking into puddles after the rain or searching on the surface of the Dead sea.

For me these works are a reminder of the power of nature and everything we have not yet discovered' everything we dont have words for.

I love the discovery that lies in digital media and the game that is made possible by telling a story between imagination in reality.The use of phone cameras, changing their basic settings, allow the discovery of surprising new skills to create Sensitive and imaginative works of art.

Anew Gallery is an online art gallery featuring global new media artists. Few of Sahar's works are represented by the Tel Aviv based gallery. you can watch and purchase these works here:

Photo: Eran Even

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