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לוגו באהבה חדש ערבית מראה_edited.png

A unique Art studio/gallery located in the beautiful Kdumim square in the old city of Jaffa, watching the Mediterranean at the center of the historic oldest port city in the world .  Established 2021 by the Multi-disciplinary artist Sahar Azimi. Earlier that year Azimi has become a resident of Old Jaffa as a part of a new wave of cutting edge artists (In the support of the "company for Old Jaffa development") settling and reviving this one of a kind Artists' colony (Established in the 60's by the mayor of Tel Aviv).

BeAhava (with love in hebrew) is Azimi's studio where he also invite other artists to use it in any way they want to. The space has the ability to change and fit for a wide range of actions such as a workshops space for various activities – we had Glassblowing workshops here…, exhibitions, performance art, physical activities and reharsals with the option of putting our custom made dance floor, meetings etc.

Azimi runs a residency for performance artists called "Window | Between us". The artists should refer to the challenge made by the fact the space has a display window as its front wall. This form of "Display show" is well developed around the world and its intriguing to see the creative solutions made by each artist that takes this challenge. In just two weeks they create a site specific performance and perform it on the second weekend of their stay.

Guest Artists:
Shoshi zak – Painter, Marina Pozner – Curator/Visual art, Amit Zarka- Poetry/Theater, Avi Gibson Bar-El – Theater, Yuval Gal- Dance/Production, Ella Grinbaum-Dance/Music, Sharon Pazner-Plastic art, Efrat Eyal – Ceramics, Roni Amitai – Music/Dance, Efrat Rubin – Painter/Dance/Animation, Anna Waisman – Fashion design, Eitan Vinkover – Photography, Gadi Zeder – Painter, Edna Cohen – Painter, Piknik Salon (Turkuy) – DesignArt, Coralie Ladame – Dance, Avia Gan-or – Dance, Ilan Adar- Painter, Netta Amir – Textile artist, Shani Ben Haim – Graphic Design, Psik Theater, Tal Tenne Chachkes – Environment Art/ Visual Artist, Atalia Baumer – Dance, Tamar Maizlish – Dance, Maya Brinner – Dance, Dror Hibsh – Art/Science, Speculo – Glass Art, Tina Meza - Painter, Ilan Adar - Painter.

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