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What's left of me | Coralie Ladame


Coralie Ladame, born in France, was living in many places around the world with her family and as an adult has arrived to Israel 14 years ago, making TLV her home. Married and mother of two. Coralie is a dancer, contact improvisation researcher and a teacher focusing on floor work and Acro balance. She is also a highly appreciated therapist specializing in Craniosacral therapy and Ilan Lev Method. As a dancer, Coralie is known for her strong body and srensitive movement, she always offered her mesmerizing presence on stage and is a valuable creative force for any choreographer she worked with. Coralie danced works by Nimrod Frid, Noa Dar, Sahar Azimi and many more choreographer before taking her time to build her family. After giving birth to her two boys Coralie felt the need to go back to her body, to the studio and stage routine. This time, maybe following the amazing creation, created Coralie a solo piece called "What's left of me". A piece that every young mother would love to create. As a part of the residency program for performance art "window between us" at "BeAhava" studio, Coralie spent two intensive weeks, using the space and her time to explore the possibilities of being a mother at the same time as a dancer, struggling between her role as a mom to keeping her high professional standards in the studio. This piece is an honest, direct manifest for every mother/parent dealing with the lost of their private time' brave to except the new reality without giving up their individuality and aspirations.

Created and performed by Coralie Ladame

Music editing | Artistic adviser : Sahar Azimi

Set design: Coralie, Tomilio and Sahar.

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