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A very springy rite

Each choreographer has several iconic creations that are commonly waiting for its reference. Versions of such works exists in any language or genre of dance. Strvinsky's srite of spring  became a piece that had the most of interpretations. I personally watched "the rite" in so many shapes and ways and always knew that i will refer  this material but until a year ago I didnt feel I had something interesting to say about it, and I had to admit that I was afraid to touch it.

The whole creative process took place in the previous building of the Chellouche Gallery in the Maze street in Tel Aviv, on the last floor. The room is small and can contain a maximum of 25 people. In those days (moment before the Corona - September 2019) we didnt have a gathering problem. 

The work and its progress are determined by the action of the audience. In fact, the non-written agreement between me and them is that I do not move. I can start and act only if there is a tension between me and the crowd through the ends of the ropes.

Music: Stravinsky - The rite of spring.

A very springy rite jisdf
Photo_ Efrat Mazor
A very springy rite photo_ Efrat Mazor_edited
A very springy rite_edited
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