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"Frequency 2023" is a performance piece that emerged between Sahar Azimi and Ronen Sharabani in the context of "Resonance 4145", presented at the The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery.

The two came to the meeting as voices of protest were growing outside the gallery walls, which came into the studio and led to the prominent challenge of Israeli society – the inability of discourse to accommodate diverse narratives.

Maurice Ravel's "bolero" and its iconic choreography by Maurice Béjart stand at the core of the creation, representing a disappearing world of values. Like archaeological artifacts, they quote parts of the dance as points of reference.

involving 16 robots with attributes of artificial intelligence as dancers, generating binary like choreography.

An important aspect of the original context – bats, or more precisely, the way bats perceive leads the dancer to rely on hearing rather than sight, for part of the time, to navigate in space, creates a distinct body texture that demands attentive and almost meditative sensitivity.

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